When the Snow Thaws, The Planning Begins…

Amanda Loft Blue Ridge Mountain VAHere on the east coast, the snows are beginning to melt and we’ve had our first two consecutive 60 degree highs in a row. We used the first day to begin figuring out what seeds we’d like to sprout for the garden and airing out our camping gear after a few months in storage.

The trick is to plan your next trips before the weather changes completely, otherwise (as we’ve learned from experience!), you’ll miss some of the best early weekends for camping when it’s just cool and wet enough to be pleasant hiking and sitting near a fire, but there are not yet crowds of people with the exact same idea!

While we prepared for a coming canoe trip, Christian and I made a list of essential knowledge, questions we hear often and random things I wish I’d known a few years ago starting out. More on that later in the week – including an interview with two Boy Scout leaders who always plan the best trips!

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