Blogger Muse: The Blonde at the Film & Sullivan’s Travels Re-Released

Sullivan's Travels Joel McCrea & Veronica Lake HobosCriterion recently announced the April release of a gorgeous high-definition digital restoration of the legendary and much beloved (by me!) film Sullivan’s Travels. The Cohen brothers and I are in perfect agreement that Preston Sturges is a genius and Sullivan’s Travels is pretty much the best film ever and they’ve spent their careers trying to convince viewers to watch the Preston Sturges oeuvre by paying tribute to his pitch-perfect characters,dialogue and stories with their films. And I’ve already gone into detail about my love of mischievous and ethereal Veronica Lake.

But I can’t speak my love for the incomparable  director and a film that could never be improved upon as well as Cameron on her wonderful blog, A Blonde at the Film.

Her ode to Sullivan’s Travels has everything I could say and so much more – Cameron provides a detailed history of the making of the film, filled with warm personal notes from Joel McCrea’s unpublished biography (!!!).

I was lucky enough to come across her blog through a cinemaphile friend and I’m happy to share it here – with clean design, a depth of film history and an eye for detail and delight, The Blonde at the Film is the rare treat that appeals to both the new classic cinema fan and the hardened auteur, plenty for anyone to explore and enjoy.

The Blonde at the Film Blog

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  1. Cameron
    March 4, 2015 at 2:30 am (7 years ago)

    Wow, thank you so much for this post! I’m so glad you like The Blonde at the Film, and I really appreciate your amazing compliments and the links back! And I agree about Preston Sturges! Thanks again, Cameron


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