Best Blog Ever???: Messy Nessy Chic, Elvis and The Secret Tiki

Coconut Club Parrot DrinkWhen blogging, sometimes it seems like every topic ever imagined has already been covered in depth, thrice over, and I wonder if there is anything else I can really add that’s new and helpful.

So looking at Messy Nessy Chic never fails to both intimidate and inspire as adventuratrix extraordinaire Vanessa covers an incredible spectrum of topics, including the intense (vintage films of female judo experts!), the obscure (the cult of Swiss Elvis rebels!), the beautiful (floating basket homes of Iraq), the historic (oddly charming anti-suffragette posters), the hilarious (eye-searing Pucci stewardess uniforms of the 60s) and the just plain amazing (largest cave in the world has its own ecosystem).

Coconut Club Dinner - Messy Nessy ChicCoconut Club Parrot Drink

Vagabond's House

I immediately open every link listed in each edition of her Things I Found on the Internet Today series – which has become my immediate go-to for absolutely pitch-perfect curation.

Today’s Nessy article, The Underground Traveling Tiki Bar, set my heart a flutter with a feature on The Coconut Club, a covert pop-up dinning club operating in the Los Angeles area with this eminently estimable mission:

At The Coconut Club, we provide a luxurious escape into a forgotten world where everything may not be exactly as remembered, but stays true to the very essence of Tiki, paying homage to the glory of yesterday while sailing forward to a blazing, sun-drenched future of power and pleasure. We’re constantly dreaming up new ways to bring our patrons into this world, and hopefully, after an evening with us, their minds will expand and they will come to understand that the Revelation of Tiki is a living thing, a passion handed down through the ages that twists and turns and evolves into ever increasing new shapes, sights, sounds, tastes, and sensations.

The path to Tiki Paradise isn’t a single road–it’s a flowing river of molten magma, with a multitude of fiery tributaries all blazing their own distinctive and unique paths to exotic delights. Join us on this epic adventure and together we will rediscover and return Tiki to its rightful place.

Perfection. I mean, who doesn’t adore a secret tiki party (certainly not Elvis!)???

Coconut Club Cocktails - Messy Nessy ChicCoconut Club MC - Messy Nessy ChicCoconut Club Totem - Messy Nessy Chic

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