July 2015 archive

Once in a Blue Moon, the Stars Aligned & I am Writing Again…

Vaporatto Stop Venice Divina Marchesa PosterThe past few months have been filled with a plethora of projects, opportunity, traveling and some pretty fantastic events and adventures, but I’ve been glad to see to the start of the summer, with her incremental slowdown and the chance to finally take up some of my favorite activities again – including blogging.

Along with participating in Gala Darling’s #RadicalSelfLoveJuly Instagram Challenge and sharing a few current projects, I’ll try to catch up a little some on former promised posts and this is what you can expect to see covered in the next few weeks:

  • New to Camping Q&A and list of essential camping kit from two experienced Boy Scout Leaders, an overlander & Land Rover enthusiast and a former Army Ranger!
  • Photos and recollections from my trip to Venice – whittling down my shots to a reasonable number for posting!
  • A guide to America’s Coolest Small Town, Beaufort North Carolina and its (recently verified) infamous pirate history!
  • Catching up on some the reading I had a chance to tackle in the early spring – I’ll pass on some truly great recommendations from their well-read sources!
  • A few of my favorite blogs and authors – I must share the wealth!
  • Nearly a year later, what my experiences with the Blogcademy and B School have given me.
  • Ukelele fever with local lessons and meetup groups in the DC Metro Area, as well as coming concerts and events.
  • A new stilt-walking project and revisiting how amazing, challenging and rewarding it can be to do something ENTIRELY outside of your usual wheelhouse.
  • And a fabulous guest post from a talented classic movie enthusiast, tanguera, opera singer, cook and generally multifaceted Renaissance woman Lisette Atiyeh, as she looks at an early examination of the introvert/extrovert dichotomy with Bette Davis in A Stolen Life.

Fingers-crossed, I’ll be posting again this week and next – could this month’s Blue Moon  and Venus/Jupiter star alliance (aka the Star of Bethlehem) appearing for the first time in 2,000 years influence me to better blogging reliability? Absolutely. 😉